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Unfortunately women will never escape being objectified. It's how each individual reacts to it makes the difference.
In most of Europe boobs are frankly no big deal. Big boobs, little ones, hangy ones, old ones. Boobs are boobs and often seasonally uncovered for all to see and I believe it is more natural way to live. Here in the US, not unlike Muslim countries, boobs are taboo, kept under lock and key and therefore became so very titillating when exposed on a beach, through a t-shirt, a red carpet or a in a movie.
Look at the millions & millions of dollars American women spend at Victoria's Secret for example to over enhance and fake the world out via huge, unnatural, wired up, spongey fabrication bras to bamboozle us into thinking they are stacked. WHY? They are asking for objectification.
When a good (as opposed to porn/crappy gratuitous type) movie is filmed it is trying to transport the audience to that room, that time, that place, that situation and make you feel a part of what is going on. Nudity in real life happens. IF actresses, even A listers, cover up and act all demure or go only part of the way in those naturally occurring situations it would ring untrue. So that is why those actresses agree to the scenes. Men have lots of top and butt nudity these days even on TV. But their dangly bits are the forbidden fruit due to censorship and rating practices set up by the Motion Picture Association of America http://www.mpaa.org.
Why was all this set up? In 1922 the Hay's code became the law. A film was deemed moral or immoral. Overly strict and unnatural. So we have been digging our way back up to normal standard of human behavior portrayal ever since. Jack Valenti brought things back to a more even keel, but still men's full frontal nudity a big no no.
I say all this to say I don't have a problem w the nudity. I turned down rolls back in the day because of nudity expectations that were simply gratuitous T&A. I wasn't going to put myself out there that far for a bad part. Probably not good for the career. Looking back now to a few roles I DIDN'T get, that I did want very badly, that did have nudity requirements & would have been LIFE changers...I would have done it. But I am also glad now my kids and their friends can't access any nude scenes, because I never did them.
I am very much concerned about the violence aspect you touched on. I wish that would go away. I think movie & TV violence in general has desensitized people so much and is a leading factor in man's inhumanity to man (and woman).
I think Seth did a good job. I didn't like all his dumb jokes, but I did like most of them. I even laughed at the ones in very poor taste. Isn't that the whole point?

This isn't about nudity. This is about shaming. Using the fact that women have shown sensitive parts of their bodies to authentically show what happened in those scenes and then a joke was made of it is shaming. Add to the fact that, as your link points out, many of these scenes were about violence and powerlessness, this song, and these jokes, were out of line. And you know what? What if they just showed their boobs because they wanted to? What if it wasn't important to the scene? Why isn't that okay, without someone making fun?

And I can't believe someone thought including Scarlett Johansson, whose photos were stolen off her phone, was remotely funny.

And I have to say, I am just as bothered by the joke he made after complimenting some of the women about how good they looked- and then said their self-inflicted flu had worked. So, we women are supposed to throw up in order to fit some male ideal of how we should look?

Bleh. My stomach still hurts from the whole icky night.

Jill--I agree that the inclusion of Scarlett Johansson in the song is particularly disturbing. And again, I think it's troubling that so many of the actresses referenced showed their bodies during scenes of sexual violence. But then again, isn't it also disturbing that so many of the times that the Academy has honored women for Best Actress it's been for their depictions of sexual violence?

As for the joke about the flu, I took it exactly the opposite way: it's not that women *should* throw up to "fit some male ideal of how we should look," it's that so many women do. I think that acknowledging that, for the most part, the women participating in the Oscars have done some pretty horrendous things to their bodies to look the way they look is worth a mention. And satire is one way to do that.

Thanks for your thoughts. My problem is he was applauding women for getting thin that way. But maybe I was too sensitive by that point.

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