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Not gonna lie. It's tough. (I also work FT and have two small children.) But you get through it, and I honestly believe that the future is brighter for me and my kids because I work. (Tho I strongly believe that every woman should make this decision for myself, and I feel no judgment toward those who choose differently from me.) Kids like structure, and they thrive on it, right? Mine seem to!

Congrats on moving forward!

Yay! Congratulations!

Yay, well done you! I'm just back into FT study, and it's been difficult but possible. My brain is full every night from juggling classes and learning and pick-up logistics and meals for the kids. But it's worth it for me - after 6 years at home I needed to get back to something for me. We are taking it as it goes, just trying to make the best overall decisions we can and then trying to make them work - and in the end that's all you can do, you know? Good luck with the job hunt and juggling.

YES! Congrats and here is to a bright future. I promise you will make it work!

Congratulations! It's haaaaaard working FT with kids but I can say that it was way easier before the baby was born--5 year olds (and older) are pretty self-sufficient.

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